Whatup peeps,

Elliot here, the guy behind that Instagram account. What started as a hobby has become a full-time job, as Fuckjerry has grown from 0 to nearly 10 million followers over the past few years. I’ve even built a small team focused on helping me make you guys laugh on the daily. 

Growing up in the 90s, my best childhood memories involved playing 4-player Mario Cart, Monopoly, and card games w the fam and homies. But today, everyone is glued to their smartphones 24/7, adding doggy filter snaps to their stories and tagging each other in memes on Instagram. 

Don't get me wrong, I love memes. A lot. But what if memes could become truly social, bringing friends and families together in real life? I recently focused on pursuing this idea and set out to create a game that would bring people together, no screens attached. 

Fast-forward a few months, and I'm finally ready to share my card game with the world. Trust me, it's f*ckin funny. But, I need your help to bring this game to life. 

Human interaction is lit. Let's make sure it doesn't fizzle out. 

Elliot Tebele (aka Fuckjerry)